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ICON_SMALL.tif Fountain Supply Company ELWC
Electronic Water
Level Control
  Sensing unit monitors the pool water level by making
electrically conductive water a part of the control circuit,
this sensing assembly consist of a probe housing and a
remotely mounted control box. The control box performs
two functions. First it activates a solenoid fill valve for water
addition when the water level drops to the middle probe. If
the water level continues to drop beyond the low probe, the
control box interrupts the pump and lighting circuits.
The pump and lighting circuit will engerize when the water
reaches the middle probe during the fill cycle and de-enerize
the solenoid valve when water reaches the high probe.

Part Number
* ELWC     Deck mount
* ELWC-1     Conduit mount
Cut Sheet
* PDF Version
* Probe Housing: Cast bronze with screw retained cover, 1/2" NPT conduit entry, brass cover plate, NPT air vent.

* Probes: Insulated stainless steel with 1/8" stripped from bottom for continuity. Standard length 5 3/8" for high probe 4 3/8" for middle probe and 3 1/4" for low probe from bottom of probe housing.

* Probe Setting: Minimum probe length 2 1/2" from top of probe housing, maximum length 5/16" from top of probe housing. Additional probe length is available on special order. Probes may be field cut and installation stripped 1/8" from probe bottom. Probes should be set a minimum of 1" apart to prevent chatter from wave action.

* Control Panel: NEMA IV enclosure 6"X6"X4" deep with circuit board 120V primary, 120V normally open and normally close contacts (220V, 50/60HZ available on special order.), 10 amps inductive load, 5 amps resistive load. Low voltage to probes and 50,000 OHMS sensitivity. Panel may be located up to 200ft. from probe housing. At any distance, conduit from control panel to the probe housing must be dedicated because high voltage fields will produce false reading to the control panel.